Manufacturing Facility

Our dedicated OEB-4 production unit having a total of 96000 sq.ft area which is monitored with BMS/computer controlled HVAC system to maintain designated class A, B, C & D according to the requirement of the specific area where the pressure, temperature and humidity are controlled to comply stringent International Standard. To go through highest standard of safety and possible zero contamination, Genvio’s Oncology Unit is equipped with room dedicated AHU, different kind of filters, restricted access and personnel safety control through PPE (Personnel Protective Equipment’s) like Saranex™ coveralls and hoods, PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirators) or supplied air, proper gloves selection, chemical suits when needed by person for using solvents/reagents.
All the process equipment starting from dispensing to packaging is done within a restraint system to ensure possible zero contamination. Sterile processing and filling line is fully automatic with tunnel based auto filling, sealing in a fully contained system where CIP and SIP are considered.